30 Christmas questions (TBF tag) Part 1


So recently I have been a part of this Whatsapp group called ‘The Blogging Friends’ and during the time of getting to know each other we have decided to create a Christmas tag with 30 questions, these are questions that we have all collectively come up with. As there are so many questions this tag will be split into two parts. I tag anyone and everyone to do this to get into the Christmas spirit.

1. What is your favourite Christmas song?
Without a doubt its from Leslie Odom Jr’s Christmas album. I love the tone of his voice, and although Michael Buble is a classic I have had Leslie on repeat since it came out. My favourite song is probably I’ll be home for Christmas, which you can find here.
2. What is your favourite Christmas film? 
Its a toss between The Grinch & Love Actually, both I have to watch to get me in the Christmas spirit. My favourite non Christmas film thats totally Christmassy has to be The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.
3. When do you start feeling festive? 
July. Without a doubt I start way too early, but the heat gets too much for me and I long for short afternoons and Starbucks Christmas drinks.
4. What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received? 
My favourite thing to receive at Christmas is always books. Growing up I loved to read and to this day I love to sit down with a book in the colder months.
5. What is the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? 
Wall calendars. Need I say more? I’m so sorry to those that have ever bought me one but I just don’t use them.
6. Do you prefer traditional or modern Christmas decorations? 
In my family we love a bit of both, however I have a pink Christmas tree in my room so what do I know? I’ve had it years now though so eventually I’d like to change to a normal tree so I can have a copper theme.
7. What is your favourite Christmas advert? 
Now I’m going to be a bit controversial and say I don’t like the John Lewis advert this year, and for once I’m obsessed with the Marks & Spencer advert. You can watch it in all it’s glory here.
8.White, multi coloured or something completely out of the box when it comes to Christmas tree lights?
I definitely prefer white lights, I think they look simple and pretty. On our tree we have multi colour baubles so I think multi colour lights on top of that would be too much.
9. Have you ever been on a Christmas holiday? If so where? If not where would you like to go? 
I haven’t. Personally I like to be at my Grandmothers for Christmas as its nice and familiar at this time of year. However I would not be adverse to going abroad in the winter, maybe New York.
10. Do you prefer going out or staying in at Christmas? 
The only travelling we tend to do at Christmas is (like I said) going to my Grandparents. The journey seems to go on forever (it’s only 45 minutes) but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for Christmas.
11. Who cooks Christmas dinner? 
Grandma, and she does it superbly aswell.
12. When did you stop believing in Santa? 
I want to say around the age of 11. I definitely knew something was up, since he, the tooth fairy & Easter bunny all had the same handwriting.
13. How did you find out Santa wasn’t real? 
I don’t think there was a traumatic story behind this, I think I eventually just put two and two together. I kept pretending so I would get presents though.
14. What is your favourite thing to do to get you in the Christmas spirit? 
Listen to Christmas music whilst going on a drive, it makes me so happy to sing along in the car whilst staring out the window like in a dramatic video.
15. When do you put your Christmas decorations up? When do you take them down? 
We attempt to get them up for the first, I try to persuade mum to put them up earlier than that (it doesn’t work). We take them down sometime when we have the energy half way into the new year.. still working off those Christmas calories.
So these are the first 15 in the tag. It’s full of so many great questions and I love to see how peoples Christmasses vary to mine. See you very soon with part 2.
Love Always
You can see the others below:

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